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Coping with pet bereavement.

Losing a pet can be a very painful experience, accompanied by real grief. For many owners, their much loved pet is one of the family and their passing away can cause great upset. Sometimes the pet has links to a loved one who has sadly been lost, or they can be a much loved children's pet.

It is important to acknowledge these feelings of grief and seek help where needed. There are many charities who provide support, The Ralph site is particularly useful for explaining pet loss to children.


Ways to remember your pet.

Here are some ideas that you may like to remember your pet.

  • Individual cremation with ashes returned to keep, bury or scatter

  • Paw print/nose print

  • Coat cutting

  • Collar/tag/blanket

  • Plant a tree or flowers.

  • Photo frame

  • Plaque or cross in a favourite spot in the garden.


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