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Pet Home Euthanasia

Choosing the right moment to put your much loved pet to sleep is a very personal and difficult decision. As a pet owner myself, I understand the emotions involved. Once the decision has been made, I can offer a pre-arranged, non-emergency home euthanasia service. We will arrange a mutually convenient time for me to come to your home to put your loved pet to sleep in a calm and gentle manner.


Pet euthanasia service

Once you've made the difficult decision to have your pet put to sleep, please feel free to call or email to make an appointment for a home visit.
When your pet is sedated and relaxed, I will administer the final injection to put your pet to sleep. You are welcome to remain with your pet or leave the room whilst this takes place.
I will arrange a mutually convenient time to visit  you. Evening and weekend appointments are available by prior arrangement for an extra charge.
We can discuss your preferences for the visit and talk through what will happen on the day.
I always administer a sedative first. This will enable you to spend some time together while your pet relaxes.
After I have examined your pet to confirm they have passed away, I can leave you to spend some time together if you would like.
Once your pet has passed away, you are free to bury them if you wish or you may wish for them to be cremated. 
If you wish to have your pet cremated with Tendring Pet Cremation, they can discuss your requirements on 01206 807223
Tendring Pet Cremation | Same Day Pet Cremation 

Thank you for getting in touch.

Please be aware that this service is for non-emergency home euthanasia. If you have an animal in urgent need, please contact your usual veterinary surgeon. Some replies may not be received until the next working day.

It's very helpful if you can state your address please. 

Pricing information can be found on the pricing page on this website.

If you don't receive a reply, please call or text as some messages can be diverted to spam.

Thank you

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